The Beginnings

“Boars would rout up the piping, or water would just get scarce,” remembers Tim.  “We’d shut down the water to the showers, and then the gardens – sometimes the toilets.   There was always a spirit of cooperation and conservation among everyone – including the guests.”

Under Tim and John, numerous projects were created – the beginnings of the current conference room (the former chicken coop), the guest room wing, gardens and fruit trees, the walk-in refrigerator, the gazebo, a drip system, outdoor lighting, pool resurfacing, a renovation of the water system, a small deck with hot tub, the current manager's quarters (Nicholaas’ former living quarters), health code improvements and extensive and ongoing maintenance. 

Other staff, caretakers, volunteers and board members lent money, management skills, and labor.   Creating and sustaining Wildwood has always been an enormous community effort.