History of Wildwood

To many who visit the property, Wildwood is a place that simply feels right; a place that was meant to be. A true home.

It is a big beautiful place infused with the ineffable; big and beautiful enough, it would seem, to cradle the profound.

Through modern history, Wildwood's redwood forest has been storied with fortuitous happenstance and inexplicable turns of fate; the ground itself, in fact, can feel fated as if the land and the work that is done on the land inform each other, complement each other, exist for each other.

Not so poetic, however, is the land’s origins – as a chicken ranch.  “Before the ecstasy, the laundry,” to paraphrase the Zen saying.   Given the isolation and attendant hardships the property can yet present, the phrase is as apt today as it was decades ago.

Following is a short history of recent decades at Wildwood...