Mission Statement
Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center
PO Box 78, Guerneville, CA 95446



Wildwood is a sanctuary created and sustained by gay men for healing, transformation and spiritual growth.



The Wildwood community will:


  • be a safe and sustainable oasis for all of the diverse members of the LGBT Community and any individual or group in agreement with our values;
  • welcome individuals of all ages, sexual and ethnic identities and levels of mobility;
  • facilitate the expression of love, intimacy and the integration of mind, body and spirit;
  • provide an environment for connecting with nature, with spirit and with each other;
  • demonstrate by example the promotion of positive change in the world.




  • Individual spiritual paths, and the quest for connection and understanding;

  • Earth's beauty and our stewardship of it;

  • Respectful, honest communication and peaceful resolution of disagreements;

  • Each person's quest to achieve integrity, honesty and authenticity;

  • Community, and the support it provides;

  • Overcoming oppression and healing its wounds.



MAY 17, 2010

S5 Box


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